23 May 2018| Auckland

Ethics and business in parallel to sport was the main talking point at the event series titled “Re-Imagining India New Zealand Relationship” through Cricket and Business Ethics, held on 23rd May,2018, by New Zealand India Trade Alliance. The event held in partnership with PwC and NZTE and saw businesspeople gather from across the country.

In his address to the audience gathered, Heath Mills, Chief Executive of NZCPA talked about the booming cricket economy in India and how it is beneficial to the relationship between India and New Zealand.  He also went on to mention how this booming economy presents a whole gamut of opportunities for New Zealand, one that the country must harness and take advantage of.

Talking from experience of spending time on the ground and building relationships before starting to do business in India, Geoff Allott, Businessman and Former BlackCaps, in his address to the audience present spoke about how under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, there has been enormous improvements in the “ease of doing business” in India. He further went on to appreciate the introduction of GST in India which has made the taxation system with regards to exports more consistent. He said, “Under PM Narendra Modi exporting to India has become easier with corruption giving way to less paper work and more understanding customs staff”. Allott also spoke about India being a land of varied opportunities and the importance for New Zealand to recognize it. Citing examples from his own business, he highlighted the increase in demand for products that had traceability, nutritional value and sustainability were in the Indian markets.

Nadine Turley, who pioneered the NZ Pipfruit into India, also addressed the gathering stated the importance of conducting a thorough research in the Indian market before setting up a business. She also highlighted the need to be honest and the importance of understanding your target audience.


All three speakers stressed on the importance of building relationships and leveraging the natural rapport that India shares with New Zealand. They also focused on the need for Kiwi-style tenacity in the face of ethical challenges.