India Trade Alliance strongly supports the recently announced Government’s new trade strategy, Trade Agenda 2030, released by the Prime Minister on Friday.

ITA Co-Deputy Chair, Dr Richard Worth said that the government’s refreshed strategy focusing on the four key drivers for trade in a changing world was essential for New Zealand exporters.

“There has been 45% increase in merchandise trade year on year till February between India and New Zealand. And this will only grow as India grows under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi,” he said.

Dr Worth said that the report seemingly places little emphasis on the activities of successful voluntary New Zealand trade groupings such as the India Trade Alliance. Such groupings can develop networks not readily accessible to New Zealand trade and political officials with substantial gains for member organisations. That issue needs to be further considered by the Government against the background of successes by the India Trade Alliance which for reasons of commercial sensitivity have not been widely publicised.

The section on ‘Tariffs in India’ paints a glum picture which in reality may not fully reflect changing stances in India.  The India Trade Alliance looks toward the Regional Comprehensive Trade Agreement led by China and India as a beacon of promise rather than any bilateral free trade agreement between India and New Zealand.

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