NZ Prime Minister Hon Bill English & Deputy Prime Minister Hon Paula Bennett


India Trade Alliance welcomes Hon Bill English as the Prime Minister of New Zealand

India Trade Alliance (ITA) on Monday, congratulated Hon Bill English on his assuming office as the 39th Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Welcoming Prime Minister English and Deputy Prime Minister Ms. Bennett, ITA Chairman Giri Gupta said, “ITA looks forward to a closer engagement with the Prime Minister’s Office in this challenging period for the nation. We will extend every co-operation in the government’s pursuit for growth and development.”

Co-Deputy Chairman for ITA Dr. the Hon Richard Worth emphasised the importance of the appointment, stating, “It is a historic moment for NZ as we aspire to be counted among the most progressive economies in the world. In particular, the NZ-India relationship is at a crucial juncture building upon former PM John Key’s recent India visit. Prime Minister English must, however, choose different strategies to advance the NZ Inc’s relationship with India. In part that will involve moving beyond the bilateral trade negotiations to well-grounded initiatives in biotechnology, healthcare, rocketry, tourism, and robotics.”

Simon William “Bill” English assumed office as Prime Minister of New Zealand on 12 December 2016. Most recently, he was New Zealand’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. Paula Bennett takes over as New Zealand’s Deputy Prime Minister.