Business Missions

ITA Trade match will also spearhead the arrangement of business missions for ITA members, companies and organisations.

It has extensive experience and the necessary capability and expertise to manage and lead general or focused business missions to countries such as India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Given the growing interest among the ITA’s members in new and emerging markets, ITA Trade Match will take on the responsibility of identifying and studying potential opportunities in these markets with the view of leading missions to these destinations.

Business Conferences, Exhibitions and Trade Fairs

ITA Trade Match will also act as a fully functional event management company that develops and executes a diverse range of events, including conferences, seminars and exhibitions.

Comprising local and international contents, these events and initiatives are important platforms for the ITA’s members to gain a comprehensive understanding of the business and investment climates as well as potential opportunities in the international marketplace.

ITA Trade Match will also spearhead the organisation of trade fairs and exhibitions which bring together businesses from different industries and sectors in New Zealand and from countries of interest to ITA’s members.

Business Advocacy

ITA is recognised as the voice of the Indian business community.

Through ITA Trade Match, ITA takes the lead in representing the views of its members and the Indian business community to the various government agencies as well as share the government’s policies and plans with its members and the Indian business community.

This symbiotic relationship is important in enabling ITA to articulate the views and concerns of members to the relevant New Zealand ministries and government agencies.

Business Delegations

Through Trade Match, ITA represents the Indian business community in bilateral, regional, and multilateral fora for the purpose of promoting trade expansion and business networking.

Trade Match will take the lead in scheduling, hosting and facilitating meetings with delegations and dignitaries with the aim of creating business linkages for ITA members as well as for exploring business potentials and partnerships.

Key Projects
  • Project Alpha – Commercial Initiative
  • Project Bravo – Sport Initiative
  • Project Charlie – Arts & Culture Initiative
  • Project Delta – Closer Economic Relations Initiative
  • Project Echo – Education Initiative
  • Project Fox – Government Relations Initiative
Business Partnerships

Through ITA Trade match, strategic alliances with trade bodies and business associations will be formed and maintained locally and globally.